Healthy Home & Body: Detox Duo How-To’s

Worried about what harmful toxic exposures might lurk in your home? This webinar tells you why we all need to be concerned & what we can do to limit our family’s risk for good.

Clean out your home of unhealthy pollutants & cleanse your bodies of harmful contaminants.

Would you believe that the air inside our homes is up to 5 times more polluted and contaminated than the air right outside our door?  This astonishing fact drives me to share ways in which we can reduce the pollutants in our home so that we can breathe a bit freer and rest a bit easier knowing that our homes are places we can thrive and prosper, not places making us sick.

Toxic overload is the condition that our bodies experience when we are bombarded with synthetic chemicals that our bodies’ immune systems cannot properly handle.  This webinar helps explain why these conditions exist in our everyday living, the extent of the impacts on our health, ways to reduce our exposure to these contaminants in our homes, and the means by which we can safely cleanse our bodies of the harmful chemicals that have built up over time. 

Healthy Home & Body: Detox Duo How-To’s

Feeling motivated to clean out your house and cleanse your body of detrimental contaminants? Learn how you can own my favorite people, planet & pet friendly cleaning products and the safest, most effective, comprehensive cleanse available today here.

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