Earth Week Challenge – Fit Your Waste In a Jar

How much do you throw out everyday? Can you fit your garbage in a mason jar 👀??
Today is a great day to be mindful how much we throw out.
Try these tips as pictures above to avoid sending trash to the heap:
1. Wash out & reuse zip plastic storage bags.
2. Brew coffee without the K-cups. Lots of ways to! I love my pour-over.
3. Forego plastic water bottles. Filter your water at home (a lead-free filter is a must) and fill reusable bottle.
4. Switch to plant-based concentrated cleaners and you’ll keep THOUSANDS of bottles from the landfill.
Bonus: Finish of some salsa today? Save the wide-mouth jar for food storage.


Great thing about this challenge tips is you’ll save lots of money too! 💰 💰 💰

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