Earth Week Challenge – Day 5 🌳🌲


Daily Home Activities for prizes & fun!

Day 5: Plant A Tree 🌳

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day has come and gone this week.  A half century of commemoration – but how much impact?Let’s Put the last day of this week to good use to help the planet – all from the comfort of our own house – with the final Earth Week Challenge.

Today let’s plant a tree (or three)!

As a reminder, the objective is to make this fun. 🙂 To that end, I’ve got a couple of things up my sleeve.  First off, I am hosting this challenge in conjunction with Shaklee, so that we can lock arms with thousands of others doing the same challenges along with us. As company that was formed over 60 years ago with a mission to be in harmony with nature, is the first US company to be certified as carbon neutral, and created concentrated plant based cleaners over 5 decades ago to help the environment while keeping us safe & healthy at home, Shaklee clearly walks the walk on sustainability like few other companies truly do. 

And by simply sharing our posts on social media with others, each of us can be part of the planting of THOUSANDS of  trees as part of Shaklee’s Earth Day commitment! Shaklee is on its way to planting 10 MILLION trees with our help. Just think of the massive difference this whole big group of people can make – and with Shaklee’s mission – we surely will.

To thank you for joining in, I’m giving away samples of the most earth-friendly, safe, concentrated, and powerful cleaning solution available to everyone who posts and tags Greener Cleaner LIVING to let me know they’ve completed the day’s challenge.

And here is the BIG prize! At the end of the week, one lucky winner will be selected from the GCL group to win a GET CLEAN KIT – full of amazing cleaning products for every room in the house and worth the equivalent of over $3,000 in conventional cleaner costs.

So let’s end this week with a bang for Earth Day! 

💚🌎 🌱🌲⠀

There are multiple benefits to planting a tree in your garden. They’re great for the environment, both the land and the air.  

Trees can shade your home and cut back your air-conditioning usage and can even increase the value of your property.  You could make it an annual event where each family member plants a new tree.  What a fun way to enjoy your home – watching the trees in your yard grow up with your family!

Can’t plant anything? 

Buy any Shaklee Get Clean product right now and they’ll plant one for you. Find your new favorite powerful, safe cleaning products today right here at:

Don’t forget to tag 3 friends to join you and tag @shakleeHQ (make sure to tag, not just mention); we’ll plant 3 trees in your honor! PLUS tag @greener_cleaner_living – you’ll get a little something for me & be in the drawing for a GET CLEAN KIT!

Post your pic to let us know that you’ve got a new tree growing in the garden or purchasing your Get Clean products!Help us plant millions of 🌲!
Get a Cleaning concentrate sample from me!Be entered to win a GET CLEAN KIT!

Here’s how you can participate in the Earth Week Challenge
Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 24
  1. Post a picture of you doing or having done the challenge of the day (listed above) on Instagram®, Instagram® Stories or Twitter® using the hashtag #EarthWeekChallenge
  2. Tag/nominate three friends to join you in that day’s challenge
  3. Tag @shakleeHQ so they can see it! For every tag received, where all the 3 first steps are met, Shaklee will plant three trees!
  4. Tag @greener_cleaner_living on IG and @gclivingsimple on FB to be eligible for prizes and to be entered into the GET CLEAN KIT drawing from me!

Using Facebook®? Take a screen shot of your post with the required tags and send it to us by Direct Message in Facebook®

Thank you for joining the Earth Week Challenge. Let’s keep the momentum going and keep making earth-friendly tweaks around the house for the benefit of ourselves, our communities and our kids. 

Clare Broderick
Greener Cleaner LIVING

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