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There is no better time than now to examine our lifestyle choices, learn new options, and make daily improvements.  Here are opportunities I invite you to explore:

Healthy Pantry Makeover – Free Online Event: May 16 – May 19, 2023

Are you getting enough nutrients to fuel your busy life? Are your kids getting enough calcium to build strong bones? Are family dinners hit-or-miss in your house? Do you long for more ease in the kitchen?


You have a thousand things to do and a thousand places to be –  ‘What’s for dinner?’ is often the last thing on your mind.

  • You care about what you put in your body and what you feed your family.
  • You’re tired of throwing away food.
  • You need support around food and nutrition.
  • You’d like personalized, dietitian-designed, simple and delicious recipes for you and your family.
  • You don’t want to hire a full-time kitchen manager but would like a healthy kitchen & pantry makeover.

Your environment directly impacts your health – this fun group event will help you reclaim your power around food and make healthy eating accessible and easy. 

Click this link to register today!