I created Greener Cleaner LIVING to share ways to make lifestyles and homes greener and cleaner – benefiting families’ well-being, wallets, and the environment.

By working with and focusing on each client individually, Greener Cleaner LIVING helps you learn to live a more natural, non-toxic lifestyle & make changes to detox your family’s home & health.

Prior to starting Greener Cleaner LIVING, I served clients as a national practice leader at an environmental, engineering & energy firm bringing innovative insights and solutions to optimize their properties’ performance by way of energy, function and operation.

Within the years of experience in building design, I developed lasting relationships with a wide variety of clients and service providers, and oversaw engineering design professionals and energy consultants as part of hundreds of construction projects, many of which achieved LEED certification. Designs include sustainable features such as healing gardens, green roofs, solar power, co-generation, geothermal systems, rainwater containment, natural materials, smart building controls, and more.

As a consulting engineer, I have served hospitals, schools, residential communities and others by designing energy-efficient and sustainable building systems to allow each to be their best as they take care of, heal, house and educate others.

As a sustainability lifestyle coach, I am now bringing this experience to people on a highly personalized level – helping individuals and families live a whole lot better with a whole lot less chemicals, energy and waste.