Greener Cleaner LIVING shows you how to live a whole lot better with a whole lot less chemicals, energy and waste.

We focus on

Filtering drinking water & purifying home air                                                                  Reducing home energy & water use
Eliminating toxic household & beauty products
Selecting chemical-free food products
Recycling, & reducing waste
Cultivating a sustainable lawn & garden

Whether newly interested or already started improving your home environment, we meet you where you are with simple, clear guidance.
We offer a variety of programs all designed to achieve a more sustainable, healthier home environment.

Expanding Awareness:   Educational Presentations

Understand the issues
Recognize achievable opportunities
Relate personal environment with well-being
Link individual actions to positive impacts on community

Learning & Empowerment:   Seminars & Workshops

Gain knowledge to reduce energy and water use
Discover how to avoid most harmful ingredients in household products
Learn about most chemical laden foods and why steering clear essential for health
Take home tips and handy apps & websites to green your home & wallet

Designing Programs for Your Life:   Complementary Personal Coaching

Define your family’s desired goals & strategy
In-person home environment make-over sessions