We All Need Something Special (and It’s Different for Everyone)

I knew I wasn’t eating optimally enough to get all the nutrients I need to stay healthy & strong. But figuring what all is right for me used to make my head spin. So I’d wind up buying stuff, taking it for a few days, then slacking off because I wasn’t even sure it was helping!

But then my stomach would act up, something would ache or I’d worry about getting sick. And I’d go thru the whole routine over & over again.

As a mom, the last thing I want to do is not be able to take care of my kids. And this cycle wasn’t really doing the trick. 

So when Meology came out, I was super curious to see if this could help me cut through all the nutritional noise.

I found out a lot about myself and quick! When I took the 5 min. survey, I learned with my lifestyle & health goals, I need to double down on Vitamin D, and take magnesium & calcium everyday because I rarely have dairy. Omegas are important for me too because I don’t eat fish often & I’m interested in brain health. Since eye problems are in my family history, taking antioxidant carotenoids is important for me too.

Now I’m not guessing or spending money on random supplements that may or may not work & with who only knows what in them. And best of all, I’m feeling great. If you’re looking to get off the supplement merry-go-round, take 5 minutes yourself to find out what your personalized morning nutrition can look like.

Take the survey here.

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