We Can All Get Wise to Our Health, But Where Can We Turn to Make Changes We Know We Need?

We all know this to be true: eating more nutritiously is the key to disease prevention and a lifetime of good health. Well, if it’s simple, why don’t we?

If I could have a professional chef prepare all the healthy, nutritious meals my family and I need every day, I would in a heart beat (and if having healthy meals catered to your home, sounds good to you, I’ve got some awesome recommendations)!

Wholesome nutrition is key – just not so easy.

But even if I did have the convenience of wholesome meals made for me daily, we can’t possibly get all of our required daily nutrition from our food. Here is the crisis no one talks enough about. Our soil is severely depleted by modern farming practices. Food just doesn’t not pack the same amount of vitamins and minerals it did 100 years ago. So, first and foremost, we have to choose organic food as much as completely possible.

But that takes us only so far. We need to properly supplement our food to keep our bodies functioning, strong and healthy. There is no way around it. The B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and too many others to name, that used to be in our whole foods in higher concentrations are top among those we are all typically missing.

Let me just stop here and say, this is nothing we all haven’t heard before. Likely, you have heard this about 10 times already this week through news articles, magazines, social media, etc.

We are all aware to some degree that our diet directly affects our health, but the barrage of information can literally overwhelm us into total inaction. Contamination, pesticides, food handling dangers, processed sugars, fats, and additives, good vs. bad fats – it’s a lot to handle.

Navigating the supermarket for healthy items can be confusing and overwhelming.

So what gets us off the dime to make better nutrition choices? Often it’s a health crisis. And it’s in those moments that we can make enormous amounts of change. But why wouldn’t we make some steps in the direction of better health before our quality of life is at risk?

Sometimes it’s a community of people that spur us into action. Sometimes we just need a clear plan. Other times it’s because we find something that we can easily incorporate into our busy, time-crunched, hectic lives. For many, it’s having a fool-proof guaranty that what we are about to try, will 100% work. The amazing thing? Whenever we truly find that crucial personal impetus that’s unique for us, it’s like we are transformed and armed with unimaginable power. When that moment arrives, in no doubt, we are more than able to make the changes that we have been avoiding for so long.

Since this summer, thousands of people have turned to the Prove It Challenge as that powerful impetus.  Shaklee created this simple 30-day challenge to be the thing that gets us on the road to real and lasting good health.  The results have been dramatic, enormous and astounding – like these:

  • restored natural energy
  • better, deeper sleep
  • 6-8 lbs lost
  • waistline inches dissolved away.  
The Prove It Challenge provides everything you need to feel amazing in just 30 days.

Whether it’s the simplicity, the convenience, the community or the money-back guarantee that motivates someone to take a step towards better health, the Prove It Challenge has it.  For 60 years Shaklee has been perfecting proven, effective natural nutrition in two key ways:  optimized vitamin/mineral supplementation to match the needs of our times, and clean plant-based protein, to keep our heart, blood flow, digestion and all major biological systems built up, humming, and not breaking down.  These are the two crucial keys to the Prove It Challenge overwhelming success.  

This super-power system has been keeping millions of people healthy for 60 years, and independent clinical studies including performed by UC Berkeley provide proof to back it up.  It’s not kryptonite, but if you want in on the action, take the Prove It Challenge, feel amazing, and prove it for yourself.

For more information and to get your own Prove It Challenge kit today, visit the Additional Solutions page on this site or go directly to my Shaklee store here.

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