The Good Enough Principle

I can absolutely relate to Mel Robbins’ perspective on the debilitating habit of perfectionism:

She calls it the Good Enough Principle. This principle holds that in most areas of life, good enough really is good enough. That’s it.

Here what Mel says: “True success is progress toward goals that matter to you. It’s not being perfect in your attempt.”

When you strive for perfection, you are bound to fail, and this can lead to even more self-criticism, turning your mind into your enemy. Not good.

I’m doing a 7-day healthy reset cleanse this week. And Sunday night after dropping my son at college I was NOT motivated. Monday when I woke up, I was still NOT motivated to start. So I started with a cup of coffee which is not on the cleanse guidelines. But I ate a big bowl a fruit for breakfast and called my first cleanse meal of the week a victory. I decided right then I wouldn’t be concerned if I would fail or succeed but I would just be willing to keep trying.

I’m on Day 4 and feeling reenergized, well-rested and down 4 lbs. That’s not even what I’m happiest about. Most of all I’m proud of myself for doing my best but not perfectly!

It sure beats not trying at all.

Whatever the thing is you’re holding off on – healthy habits, a job change, speaking to someone – remember the good enough principle and give yourself permission to try.

And don’t wait. Your life (the one that you’re suppose to live) is depending on you.

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